Iterations # 2: Open call for a research and collaborative artistic production residency in Hangar, Barcelona

1. About the open call

Hangar launches an open call to participate in the second iteration of the European project Iterations. The call will select two artists: one artist living in Barcelona and another artist living outside Barcelona. The selected artists will join a group of other four artists and together will develop a collaborative art project during a 15 days residency at Hangar. The residency will take place between the 31st of October and the 14th of November 2018.

In each iteration, a group of artists is invited to develop a collaborative artistic proposal, based on one or more of the results of the previous iteration. The first iteration of Iterations took place in Sicily within the framework of Trasformatorio. Prior to the residency in Barcelona, artists who participated in the first iteration will meet with the artists who will participate in the second one to give them the material that will be the starting point of the collaborative work that they will develop in Barcelona.

The institutions participating in Iterations are Constant (Bruselas, Belgium), Esc (Graz, Austria), Trasformatorio (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Hangar.


2. About Iterations

Iterations is a European project committed to the future of artistic collaboration in networked digital contexts. Artists and multidisciplinary professionals come together to create speculative works that feed the imagination of possible ways of artistic collaboration.

Through a series of practical residencies and discursive exhibitions, Iterations offers situations in which artists experience collectively new forms of artistic work that create spaces for collaboration.

The project is structured around the conceptual model of "iteration" inspired by the recursive forms of collaboration as they exist in the development of open code software, the Iterations project applies the repetition and circularity of artistic methodologies, in which the result of one activity is used as a starting point for the next.

Iterations investigates the processes and motivations that invite artists to explore cooperation models and open digital tools. The iterations extend in art-related fields by addressing aesthetic, ethical and legal aspects of multiple authorship, the commons-based economy, and potentials political and social issues that are open to the artistic. Following the philosophy of the open code, the project establishes common interests for all activities.

Iterations builds a coherent set of practices, resources and documentation that will be accessible to specific groups (including artists, programmers and activists), as well as to a wider audience, allowing the results to have a wider reach beyond the limits of the project duration.


2. Who can apply

The call will select an artist residing in Barcelona or its surroundings and a artist residing outside Barcelona or its surroundings, from any artistic practice, nationality, age and gender.


3. Infrastructure at the disposal for the selected artists

- Accommodation in the Hangar’s residence for the artist living outside Barcelona.

- Shared workspace in the centre.

- Access to the Hangar laboratories, according to availability: interaction laboratory, production laboratory and construction workshop, and image and sound editing booths.

- Access to the centre's audio and video equipment, according to availability.

- Advice from Hangar' staff.


4. Duration

16 days from the 31st of October to the 15th of November 2018.


5. Financial conditions*

* The amounts are per artist and gross.

Fees: 1000 euros

Per diem: 700 euros

Materials: up to 250 euros

Transport: up to 250 euros


6. Commitments of the selected artists

- The selected artists undertake to submit all or part of their work (sources, software tools, materials used during the creative process, etc.) to the next group of Iterations. This material will also be available online for third parties.

- During their residence the selected artists undertake to participate in two working sessions of the Hangar’s research group, Sympoiesis.*

- The selected artists commit themselves to participate in two handover meetings that will take place before and after the residence in Hangar (the dates and the location of the handover meetings will be decided by the participating artists themselves).

- The artists are committed to share the authorship of their work.

- The artists undertake to present the process and/or results of their work at the end of the residence. The format of the presentation is completely open.

* Sympoiesis is a wUn text, un mapa relacional o una cartografia de connexions que remeti a una relació de problemes, qüestions, friccions o tensions comuns que afecten a la sol·licitant (màxim 1 pàgina).orking group that researches on the artistic practices that take place in Hangar.


7. Application requirements

The application must be submmitted by filling the online form. The information required in the form is as follows:

- Personal and contact information.

- Five questions that you would like to share during the residency (maximum 1 page).

- A text, a relational map or a map of connections that refers to a list of common problems, issues, frictions or tensions that affect the applicant. Ideally, it should relate to specific practices to ideas, questions, tensions or discomforts that the artist would like to collectively research during the residency (maximum 1 page).

- Currículum vitae (maximum 2 pages).


- Applications that do not include the required information and/or exceed the extension limits will not be accepted.

- The selection committee may contact pre-selected candidates for an interview.


8. Selection committee

The selection committee will be composed of:

- Hangar’s programme committee.

- The coordinator of Hangar's research area.

- A person from the European consortium Iterations.


9. Evaluation criteria

In the selection of applications, the jury will have into account the diversity, balance and complementarity of the backgrounds, artistic languages and motivations of the participants. Equity in terms of gender and culture will be also strongly considered.


10. Calendar

Deadline: 18th July 2018

Resolution: By the end of July 2018

Handover meetings: one between August and October 2018, and one between December 2018 and April 2019

Residency: 31st October to 15th November 2018

Presentation of the residency: 14th November 2018


For more información:

Marta Gracia


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