2020 - 2022

On-the-Fly is a European project led by Hangar and directed by Iván Paz and Lina Bautista, members of the artistic collective TOPLAP. The project partners are ZKMLjudmilaCCU.

On-the-Fly, from the 1st of October 2020 to the 30th of September 2022, will support the development of the European live coding practice, a sound and visual creation technique, generating a technological appropriation through the use and development of free and open softwares.

The project, at the intersection between arts, computer science, and technology, aims at pushing forwards new creative directions for understanding and using technology and the arts through the following specific objectives:     

-Strengthening cooperation within the EU live coding community by supporting transnational sharing of expertise and exchange of artistic experiences, taking into account its diversity, knowledge and learning needs

-Promoting the visibility and dissemination of live coding practices and artistic performances in Europe by bringing the general public closer to technology and arts, with particular focus on students of computer science, art and youth.

-Stimulating European interdisciplinary cooperation on live coding research and artistic practices by supporting networking and collaboration among researchers and performers for mutual learning and advancement of the EU live coding investigation.