About Grid Spinoza

Grid Spinoza is the communication platform of Hangar’s research area. The platform was created to give visibility to the research projects of the center, promote the dissemination and the exchange of the knowledge resulted from their development, and facilitate the access to the documentation of their processes. The purpose of the research area of Hangar is to offer the artists the context and the tools they need to carry out artistic research projects. The area has four objectives:

  • To promote artists as researchers and artistic research as credited research.
  • To defend the specificity of the knowledge resulted from artistic research and its key role in the development of contemporary society.
  • To support interdisciplinary research that combines art and other research disciplines willing to achieve a symmetrical relation among the different processes of generation of knowledge .
  • To reduce the historical gap among different research fields and the communicative gap among the developments in arts and the achievements in the fields of science, economy and society.

To this end, Hangar collaborates in research projects with individuals artists, and also with academic partners and research centres. Some times the initiative comes from the creators. Other times the research project is the result of a collaboration and it can happen under different formats such as research residencies or multisectorial work platforms. In line with the centres philosophy, the outcomes of the research projects are open and free knowledge for the creative community and beyond.