Queering damage: methodologies for partial reparations... or not.

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Envirocomputing and its production of new ecological arrangements stretches far out beyond the lab –exploiting intensively the lively labours and frictions of nonhuman animals and organisms through ever-accelerating affective, semiotic and material practices. Our co-compositions/becoming-with both the internet and other digital informational networks and/or devices are ever more entangled strongly in our situated non-local “we”s. These scenes exploit nonhuman organisms to sustain particular modes of living, however these exploitation also create opportunities for reparations and for creative contestation–provoking an urgency to queer the how-tos! Our collective challenge is that queer techno-science is nowhere near queer enough as a research practice and needs some anthronormativies radically taken apart from itself.

In a one-day workshop, we gathered temporarily to wonder together about the potential queer analytics of microbial, animal, plant, mineral, cosmological technoscience, situating ourselves in these mundane and alluring scenes– as an invitation to consider these labours and imagine a collective life otherwise. We pondered the possibilities and limitation of informatics; and took seriously the affective forces of nonhuman animals and machines.

This workshop was hence proposed as a collective how-to composition for partially reparative research – Absolutely dependant on the harms and methodological difficulties that each participant brings with her.