Mid-term meeting of the European project Renewable Futures at Hangar

Event Date

Hangar is the host for the mid-term meeting of the partners of the European cooperation project Renewable Future.

In response to recent quests for a more sustainable future, Renewable Futures (Building New European Creative Alliance and Think Tank) is a project that aims to invent new avenues for developments of tomorrow in culture and creative sector at a European level. The project believes that the key of success for achieving cultural sustainability lies into our  ability to become more open and susceptible to new ideas, approaches and collaborations. The Renewable Futures  project will shape new contact zones between traditionally separated domains bringing together art  and science, culture and digital technologies, sustainable businesses and social engagement of  the 21st century.

The partners of the project are RIXC (Riga, Latvia), Art in Society – Oslo and Akershus University College (Oslo, Norway), The Media Lab – Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), Baltan (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), Ars Longa (Paris, France) and MPLAB – Liepaja University (Liepaja, Latvia).

Please note: the meeting is not open to the public.