Rita Wu

Rita Wu

Designer and artist, working with digital technologies, synthetic biology and biohacking. She is a founding member of the Fab Lab at FAU-USP. In her work she explores the relationship between body, space and technology. She has presented projects at MIT (iGEM - 2014/16) and Harvard University (Biomod - 2015). She created technoporn.org, a research platform and proposition aimed at empowerment through expansion of sexuality with the use of digital technology and biotechnology.


Research field

Projects by Researcher @ Hangar

Women may have numerous problems that can be detected easily through the vaginal discharge.

The project could be summarised as the production of small acrylic plates or chips with four small canals to be built by a CNC, which at their ends contain small wells with reagent for the evaluation and classification of four possible problems that the woman may have by assessing the vaginal discharge. The problems are the following: candidiasis, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and cervicitis.