McFly McFly | time travel within social media’s metafiction

Research field

It is assumed that grand narratives are ineffective today in an age of ‘post-ideology’. But even in a world said to be run by algorithms, story is key in locking people into the grid. So much it has been said about control through gamification but much too little is discussed of the role of story. And if indeed our social media are a radical mix of interactive game and non/fiction, could they then not be considered a metafiction? And what does this imply on the rules of engagement? Could we hop in and out? Could we alter our timelines almost as if we were time traveling? And what if someone were to beat us to it? Would they have the power to alter our recollections radically enough to change the outcome of our actual reality?

We take these questions very seriously; as serious as space time continuum; as serious as flux capacitors. The web has swallowed us as a whole. It is orchestrated by subversive mastermind propagandists and deflectors and by trolls who unleash virulent butterfly effects on us. Still, we wonder, is there something left to be done to salvage our seemingly predestined doomed fates? Could we, as users, unleash counter butterflies of our own? For what it's worth, the primary objective of this interdisciplinary project is to try to fix the course of history, first by identifying the unaddressed dangers of contemporary digital culture, then by disrupting the prefabrications found within its design and operation. In other words, yes, we're very serious about time travel.