Adam Etzion

Adam Etziom

Adam Etzion is a Tel Aviv based programmer, writer and researcher. His work revolves primarily around literary science fiction, metafiction, narrative theory and interactive storytelling. In other words: he’s into heavy omphaloskepsis. He is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature at Tel Aviv University, and has co-organised and produced multiple cultural events around Israel dealing with the intersection of science fiction, art, culture and technology.

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It is assumed that grand narratives are ineffective today in an age of ‘post-ideology’. But even in a world said to be run by algorithms, story is key in locking people into the grid. So much it has been said about control through gamification but much too little is discussed of the role of story. And if indeed our social media are a radical mix of interactive game and non/fiction, could they then not be considered a metafiction? And what does this imply on the rules of engagement? Could we hop in and out? Could we alter our timelines almost as if we were time traveling?