Sincrónica International Meeting

Foto sincronica
Research field

International meeting that gather professionals from different disciplines who work in the telepresence field.

Sincrónica is an international meeting in the telepresence field initiative by Hangar. Some of the questions that Sincrónica wants to address are: What is the minimum at a sensorial, technological and narrative level required to generate a feeling of presence? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the existing tools? What tools are still to be developed and for what purpose?

Under the format of an international meeting Sincrónica invites professionals from different fields to share their experiences on telepresence and to work collaborative in the design and development of telepresence technologies

The methodology used during the meeting is based on discussions and knowledge sharing within several work groups. The groups work on specific questions related to the elements which trigger the notion of presence (its pros and cons), and look for already existing or work on the design of new prototypes in the intersection of art, science and technology.