Iván Paz

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He studied physics and then mathematics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). During this period, he also experimented with music and photography. His interests are focused on science, art and technology and how their interaction can create new aesthetics and conceptual thinking directions.

His current work explores artificial intelligence methodologies applied to the study of musical characteristics and exploration of spaces of generative systems parameters. The results are apply to real ­time programming (live coding), and the process is framed within a free and open source philosophy, which considers the act of programming (or coding) as a social and political expression. He is also interested in how this concept allows different communities to appropriate technology.

He has taught classes and workshops places like CRIMMIT McGill University (Canada), the UNAM and the National Arts Centre (Mexico) and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain) where he carries out his PhD in artificial intelligence. In 2016 he won the Banc Sabadell Foundation - ­Hangar artistic research grant for building a holistic interface that guides the exploration of perceptual spaces in algorithmic systems parameters.

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This research project develops a methodology for an aesthetic exploration (or perceptual) of the sonorous spaces generated by algorithmic composing systems. It seeks that the rules generated by the system might be interpreted. This can be used during the live writing, alteration and execution of the algorythms.