Sound experimentation

experimentacio sonora

The research line on sound experimentation results from the activity of the platform Hangar_sonor. It embraces projects related with technologies and techniques of sound generation, caption, production and reproduction, as well as includes the most experimental contemporary sound creations. This research line is developed in collaboration with Befaco and Orquesta del Caos, both collectives in residence in Hangar, and it also has a collaboration with the MA in Sound Art of the Barcelona University.

Projects by Research Field

Residency and research workshop which encompasses an experimental process about “live coding”. It explores alternative strategies to create sound and music.
This piece decontextualise acid house from an aesthetic and formal perspective. This work is a continuation of an exploration based on the decontextualisation of rave iconic sounds.
Project where cellulars automata generate very simple sounds which they receive and send in a basic way to reach chaotic and balanced states according to collective behaviours.
This research project develops a methodology for an aesthetic exploration (or perceptual) of the sonorous spaces generated by algorithmic composing systems. It seeks that the rules generated by the system might be interpreted. This can be used during the live writing, alteration and execution of the algorythms.
37 minute audiovisual piece during which an algorithm generates, in successive attempts, mosaics on previously chosen surfaces. Sound and image dialogue each other creating different shapes in which each colour matches a sound height.