Josian Llorente Sesma

Josian Llorente

For more than 2 decades Josian Llorente Sesma has been involved both personally and professionally in the promotion and development of projects related to the concept of "Laboratory" of art and technology as hacklabs, medialabs and citizen laboratories in cultural and educational fields. As a doctoral student, he focuses on the study of their research methodologies and organisational structures, and their relationship with innovation, the transfer of knowledge and the creation of economics.

Research field

Projects by Researcher @ Hangar

OMS is a project that aims to study the relationships that occur between artistic and design research methodologies, the construction practices of "electronic and digital craftsmanship" and technological innovation processes. To do this, the project looks for case studies (Hangar is one of them) to develop an ethnographic fieldwork during which it is possible to study a specific community and the artifacts that this community produces.

The project studies artists who build and create musical instruments and share: