Cultural production

mapa recerca artistica

As art production center Hangar is itself a context for research on creative processes and art objects. In this research line the research projects work on issues such us the previous and parallel processes during the realisation of an art project (research work, documentation, etc) and its result as an art work or an exhibition project; art as a producer of knowledge that enlarges or modifies subjective forms and perceptions of the world; and the experimentation and enlargement of ways to concieve and approach the art space itself, including this last one the practices and processes that take place in Hangar.




Projects by Research Field

Throughout the months of January-March 2021, Núria Gómez Gabriel has carried out her curatorial research project Iban oscuro por entre las sombras within the framework of the Encura V grant, organized by Hangar, La Casa Encendida and hablarenarte. A collective exploration device that has been deployed through three days of nightly coexistence with artists Ángela Millano and Blanca G. Terán (aka dj_Sônia), Raquel G.

#Allure ## (for allusions) is the public program carried out by María García Ruiz within the V Artistic Research Grant Fundación Banco Sabadell – Hangar.

Itinerant Actions is a research project investigating both the critical dialogue between art and geography through fieldwork and the geographies of artistic practice in the landscape, to develop new research models in peripatetic practice, itinerant working, outposts and databases. Fieldwork in artistic practice is an interesting new research strand, as preliminary thinking and making often goes undocumented or is edited-out from final work.

Project which recovers one of the art strategies conceived by Lucy Lippard at the end of the 1960s, called “Suitcase shows”  which consisted in the act of carrying artworks in her suitcase from one country to another. This project, though, adds to Lippard’ strategy the concept of smuggling and connects it with the idea of threatening borders and their control devices.

Conspiracy theories are the new legends. In recent years this phenomenon has replaced the traditional concept of popular storytelling, reinforced by scientific pretensions in the search for truth (which is out there). Chemtrails is a curatorial project that investigates the narrative potential of contemporary art, especially in relation with popular culture.

The project aims to work with some of the artist in residence at Hangar in the construction of a discursive architecture in an attempt to establish an affective institution for relational translation.
This research project inquires about what we understand by production in different areas of art. To this end, Consonni carries out interviews with the artists working in Hangar, the team running the centre and other artists and agents from the Barcelona's art scene.
The Conversation Lauren Wetmore’s curatorial proposal for Encura, invites five artists-in-residence at Hangar to replicate and disturbing the dynamics that control public and private surveillance forms.