Foto Minipimer starts its activity in 2008 as a video streaming experimental lab with open source tools. After two years focusing its research on the creative possibilities of digital media, the collective starts two new work lines: a study group on audiovisual performativity and a work group for developing open source tools. has been involved in the current debates placed in the intersection of art, science and technology exploring different creative and self-learning methodologies. Always combining theory and practice, the main activities of the collective have been the study group, the development of open hardware and software, the organisation of workshops, the creation of installations and multidisciplinary art works. Hangar has been the collective’s headquarters since its beginnings in 2014. Its projects have been exhibited in different places in Galicia, Madrid, Valencia, Asturias, Malaga and Murcia. Internationally they have done presentations and exhibitions in Austria, Norway, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Currently the collective members develop their individual projects in different cities but they are always ready to meet in some place and time to continue exploring the different formats that "error" can take.

Research field

Projects by Researcher @ Hangar

Lab oriented to generate an experimental space for the use and development of new telepresence technologies. It works by opening different stations/spaces to intervene and communicate remotely through testing tools which allow an interactive communication.