Subnormal methodologies. A practical manual for misfits researchers.

Manual práctico para investigadoras desadaptadas
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The research explores methodological possibilities in the field of cultural and creative production as well as in militant research, based on the contamination of disciplines and practices. The project aims to "systematize" (the word is uncomfortable and imprecise) methodologies, procedures and scripts that do not have legitimacy or recognition and are not part of the traditional sciences (hard or social). The objective is not that of giving a scientific dimension to this knowledge, but rather of investigating the particularities and contributions of these active practices, illegitimate for academia, in constant distrust and challenging Knowledge with capital letters, which is defined as the exclusive truth of any other knowledge. These "other" methodologies, subnormal, are indispensable to destabilize disciplinary hierarchies and to allow the entry of new and improbable knowledge into the spheres of knowledge (official or not).

The project contemplates the realization of at least 4 public meetings (formalized in workshops, talks or brief exhibitions) product of 4 “micro-residences of investigation”; a final public presentation of the results of the investigation; and the realization of a book that contains text and images.The research seeks to generate a toolbox endowed with critical instruments that can serve other artists and researchers in their work and activism. It is proposed as an exercise of de-systematization of the surpluses produced by the creative practices and the overflows of the scientific methodologies, to contaminate and decentralize the peer reviews, the indexes of impact and the norms of reference. This search is crossed by the emergence of experiences in the hybrid terrain of the artistic and feminist critique, by findings situated and in the first person where the need for tools, practices, documents, discourses, references and bibliographies become networks of collaboration, survival tactics, and eroticism of affection.