Iban oscuro por entre las sombras

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Throughout the months of January-March 2021, Núria Gómez Gabriel has carried out her curatorial research project Iban oscuro por entre las sombras within the framework of the Encura V grant, organized by Hangar, La Casa Encendida and hablarenarte. A collective exploration device that has been deployed through three days of nightly coexistence with artists Ángela Millano and Blanca G. Terán (aka dj_Sônia), Raquel G. Ibáñez, Andrea González, Elif Özbay, Ana Llurba, Raisa Maudit, Marian Garrido, Paco Chanivet and Colectivo Juan De Madre that has investigated speculative practices and methodological processes around gothic materialism today. These three days of coexistence - held at Sala Ricson in Hangar (Barcelona), a farmhouse in Plandogau (Lleida) and at Planta Alta (Madrid) - have created a place for the exchange of knowledge and imaginaries as a starting point to create, collectively, an open source encyclopedia from a perspective close to theory-fiction. In this context also the Legends of the Geogothic is born, a podcast in 6 installments that collects some of their explorations and that is proposed as an opening to the research process.

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