Itinerant actions

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Itinerant Actions is a research project investigating both the critical dialogue between art and geography through fieldwork and the geographies of artistic practice in the landscape, to develop new research models in peripatetic practice, itinerant working, outposts and databases. Fieldwork in artistic practice is an interesting new research strand, as preliminary thinking and making often goes undocumented or is edited-out from final work. This project will focus on how artists encounter different environments – itinerant situations, performance strategies, embodied experience and geographic locale.

This project extends several fieldwork research programmes developed in the past, including: geological and physiological performance surveys in remote or extreme environments, mapping tourism mechanisms in ecologically-sensitive areas, and observing the precarious existence of life in the detritus of city streets. The project is working with Paula Bruna and David Ortiz Juan (artists resident at Hangar), Rosa Cerarols (cultural geographer, Universitat Pompeu Fabra); and activities associated with CACiS El Forn de la Calç (Montserrat, Barcelona), AADK Spain (Blanca, Murcia), and Temporal School of Experimental Geography (