Interface Manifesto

Interface Manifesto
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A process of collective and interdisciplinary research highlighting the ideological and political aspects of the interfaces.

The Manifesto is a critical approach to the interfaces and is a research project and collective writing emerging from questions around the interface concept, for example: How are we determined by interfaces? What do they explain to us about human beings in the contemporary culture? Is it possible to build a dialogic interface? How does art explore, exploit and exhibit these topics?

The Manifesto writing comes from a hybrid methodology and a dialogue between practise and theory involving artists, programmers, designers, thinkers, academics and universitary students.

Taking into account that interfaces tend to disappear and be considered as neutral spaces, the making of a manifesto tries to underline the ideological and political aspect of the interface. The experts and researchers who have worked in the Manifest are: JL Marzo, Tere Badia, Pau Alsina, César Escudero, Jara Rocha, Clara Piazuelo, Andreu Belsunces, Quelic Berga, Laia Blasco, and Rosa Llop.