Interface politics

Políticas de la interfaz
Poetic Deconstruction of the interface, workshop lead by Joana Moll.

The research line Interface Politics includes projects reflecting about the interaction between humans and machines and about the political, social and economical models attached to the technologies that make possible this relation. If the design of a device brings up the theory about the user and his performativity, then identifying some of the factors which cause the theory is one of the ways to identify the tactics and techniques of the design and explore the drive of its operating system. In this sense the research projects are related with territories of action and research on interfaces from different approaches, experiences and practices coming from design, politics, philosophy, art, activism and communication studies.


Projects by Research Field

It is assumed that grand narratives are ineffective today in an age of ‘post-ideology’. But even in a world said to be run by algorithms, story is key in locking people into the grid. So much it has been said about control through gamification but much too little is discussed of the role of story. And if indeed our social media are a radical mix of interactive game and non/fiction, could they then not be considered a metafiction? And what does this imply on the rules of engagement? Could we hop in and out? Could we alter our timelines almost as if we were time traveling?

Far from being a purely immaterial entity, the Internet is an extremely complex physical structure composed by a massive number of actors that have a direct and deep impact in every aspect of our daily lives. Despite its crucial role in many aspects of our society, the material and computational architectures that allow the Internet to exist are widely ignored by most of its users.

Telepresence art project that connects four art centres in three different countries. By the use of a set of sensors the movement happening in one of the art centres would activate one or more electronic devices in another centre.
Lab oriented to generate an experimental space for the use and development of new telepresence technologies. It works by opening different stations/spaces to intervene and communicate remotely through testing tools which allow an interactive communication.
This research project puts together creative practices with Information and Library Sciences. The research explores the value and potential of the Dj creative model to interact with information, collections and digital files.
International meeting where professionals from different disciplines share their experiences in the telepresence field and work collaborative in the design and development of telepresence technologies.
The interface Manifiesto is a collective research and writing project aiming to understand the interfaces such as central cultural phenomena by dialogue and interdisciplinary praxis.The outcome has been a manifest which highlights the interface's ideological and political aspects.
Interfight metaphorically explores issues related with interface politics, through the creation of a context for conflict. In this context a graphic interface programmed with Android provokes through the desktop icons the attack of a physical interface.