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Lecturer and researcher in Art and Humanities Programmes at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya where coordinates and teaches about Art and Philosophical and Scientific Contemporary Thinking. He has a PhD in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture from Barcelona University, he is the author of books such as Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología, co-author in Monstruos y Quimeras: Arte, Biología y Tecnología, and handbooks as Estética y Teoría del Arte and Pensamiento Contemporáneo, and also book chapters on Digital Culture, Bio-art and Biopolitics. Since 2002 he has been in charge of the journal Artnodes, specialised in intersections among art, science and technology, where he has coordinated different monographics about Software Art, Bio-art, New Media Art and so on.

Cofounder of YASMIN mediterranean network on art and technology hosted by Leonardo/International Society of Art, Science and Technology. He has counseled to public and private institutions about the impact of digital technologies on arts and culture, making reports such as Libro Blanco de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología or Plan Estratégico de Cultura de Barcelona. He has co-directed conferences such as Art Matters International Conference and Interface Politics, symposiums as Sinergia: Nuevas Fronteras de la Ciencia y el Pensamiento and been curator in exhibitions like Culturas del Cambio: Átomos Sociales y Vidas Electrónicas. Currently he researches about a neo-materialist approach to arts in connection with science, technology and media archeology.



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The interface Manifiesto is a collective research and writing project aiming to understand the interfaces such as central cultural phenomena by dialogue and interdisciplinary praxis.The outcome has been a manifest which highlights the interface's ideological and political aspects.
The protocol document for interdisciplinary research aims to provide useful references and guidelines for institutions, funding bodies, individual researchers and interdisciplinary research groups. The document takes into account a wide number of experiences and visions on interdisciplinary work. It is an open document under ongoing reviewing and discussion.