Adam Etzion is a Tel Aviv based programmer, writer and researcher. His work revolves primarily around literary science fiction, metafiction, narrative theory and interactive storytelling. In other words: he’s into heavy omphaloskepsis. He is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature at Tel Aviv University, and has co-organised and produced multiple cultural events around Israel dealing with the intersection of science fiction, art, culture and technology.
Alex McLean is a live coder, software artist and researcher based in Sheffield, UK. He is one third of the live coding group Slub, getting crowds to dance to algorithms at festivals across Europe, releasing solo music as Yaxu through the Computer Club label. He promotes anthropocentric technology and post-autonomous algorithmic music as co-founder of the ChordPunch record label, of event promoters Algorave, live streamers Eulerroom, the TOPLAP live coding network, and the independent research organisation FoAM Kernow.
Andrea Noni is a pseudonym used by an anonymous collective of artists who are dedicated to carry out research on ethical issues and training in defensive tools, above all but not exclusively, in the field of digital technologies.
Degree in Sociology (Universitat de Barcelona) and masters in Information and Knowledge Society (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). Works at the intersection between research, cultural mediation, communication, social innovation and teaching. He is interested in new narrative forms in the XXI century and critical analysis of technoculture. He has been a journalist in the fields of culture, science and technology; professor at several universities; he has collaborated with institutions and cultural centers such as Hangar, CCCB, UNESCO and AECID.
Anna works between Barcelona and The Hague where she teaches at the Royal Academy of Art. She has created events for SFMOMO (USA), W139 (NL) and SASG (KR); and performances in Stroom (NL), El Graner and NauEstruch. She has exhibited in Blueproject Foundation, 1646 (NL), Sala d’Arcs (València), bb15 (AU), MUSAC, (León), CAAC (Sevilla), CoCa (PL), Generator Projects (UK) and ADNPlatform, and been resident at Hangar, Wander (NL), SASG (KR), Atelierhaus Salzamt (AU) and Cittadellarte (IT). She teaches Artistic Research at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (Netherlands).  
Between the late eighties and early nineties, Antoni Abad (Lleida, 1956) focused on the development of mobile sculptures that, accompanied by photographic sequences, already inquired into the possibilities of the expanded and moving image.
Boryana Rossa is an interdisciplinary artist and curator who works in the fields of electronic arts, film, video, performance and photography. Her interests range from gender to issues of technology, science and their social implications. Most of Rossa’s performances and other works have been shown internationally at venues such as steirischer herbst, Graz; National Gallery of Fine Arts, Sofia; 1st Balkan Biennale, Thesaloniki; Kunstwerke and Akademie der Kunste, Berlin; The 1st and 2nd Moscow Biennial For Contemporary Art; Elizabeth A.
She is currently a lecturer for the art department at BAU, Design College of Barcelona, where she is a member of GREDITS (Research Group on Design and Social Transformation Group) and carries out research within the research line Objetologies. She investigates the possibilities of the graphic story as an epistemological object, paying special attention to the methodologies that allow the investigation to take place under other formats. BA in Fine Arts by the University of Seville and MA in Digital Communication, Culture and Citizenship by the Rey Juan Carlos I University of Madrid.
César Escudero Andaluz (LIC, MA, MFA) studied Fine Arts and Architecture & Design at the University of Salamanca, Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2011 he is researching at the Kunstuniversität Linz at the Interface Culture LAB, working in the field between users and interfaces.
Clara Piazuelo was for ten years the coordinator of the knowledge transfer programs in Hangar. BA in History of Art (Universidad de Zaragoza, 2000) and BA in Audiovisual Communication (UB, 2003). PhD in Arts Education and Visual Culture (Diploma of Advanced Studies of the Faculty of Fine Arts, UB, 2006). She has worked as a member of several collectives such as YProductions  and Zzzinc developing projects on cultural research and innovation.