Laura Benítez

Foto Laura Benítez

External assistant professor, researcher and independent curator based in Barcelona. Holds a Phd in Philosophy by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, specialised in Bioart within the area of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art. She also holds a MA in Contemporary Philosophy and a Master in Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art. Over the past six years she has been working as an assistant professor and researcher, being a member of various R & D projects. She is a member of the teaching staff at EHEA official master’s Research in Art and Design and has been a guest researcher at the Ars Electronica Archive and at the Museum Of Contemporary Art of Barcelona. She also works as independent curator and she is a member of the collectives Vista Oral and Leland Palmer, with whom she has developed exhibitions and research projects. Currently she is developing a research project on bio-resistance and posthumanisms, and has curated a seminar entitled Bio-resistance, Transversality and Emancipation on contestational practises and bio-hacking (MACBA, December 2015) and has conducted the course Bioart. The Human Condition in the Contemporary Art as part of the public programme of the exhibition +HUMANS (CCCB 2016).



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