Bottom-up transdisciplinary research and sexual political action of empowerment. It focuses on health issues which have been marginalised by the insensitive treatment given to anything related with promiscuous and contentious practices.
Interfight metaphorically explores issues related with interface politics, through the creation of a context for conflict. In this context a graphic interface programmed with Android provokes through the desktop icons the attack of a physical interface.
The Conversation Lauren Wetmore’s curatorial proposal for Encura, invites five artists-in-residence at Hangar to replicate and disturbing the dynamics that control public and private surveillance forms.
This performance experiments with the new georeferenced narrative genres which use new mobile technologies. It takes place in an exhibition space and in the city streets allowing different levels of participation.
It is a collaborative documentary aiming for confluencing spaces among traditional neighbours, migrants and new local agents during transformation and gentrification processes in Poblenou (Barcelona).
The interface Manifiesto is a collective research and writing project aiming to understand the interfaces such as central cultural phenomena by dialogue and interdisciplinary praxis.The outcome has been a manifest which highlights the interface's ideological and political aspects.
Based on the research carried out by molecular biologist Dean Hamer about the genetic predisposition of the human spirituality, the project reflects critically about the links among media, science and religion.
This research project inquires about what we understand by production in different areas of art. To this end, Consonni carries out interviews with the artists working in Hangar, the team running the centre and other artists and agents from the Barcelona's art scene.
Residency and research workshop which encompasses an experimental process about “live coding”. It explores alternative strategies to create sound and music.
This research project puts together creative practices with Information and Library Sciences. The research explores the value and potential of the Dj creative model to interact with information, collections and digital files.