Soft Control

2012 - 2015

Soft Control is a multi-year project in the European region which aims to be a window for artists, scientists and other cultural agents. The project wants to open the labs and research lines of these agents to specialised and unspecialised audiences, while developing a framework that allows science and culture to share knowledge, methodologies and experimental and critical thinking models.

Projects by Program

Interdisciplinary project that builds physical machines inspired in voice physiological systems. The set of disturbing devices that comprise laugh, cry, moan, express anger and sigh.
Bottom-up transdisciplinary research and sexual political action of empowerment. It focuses on health issues which have been marginalised by the insensitive treatment given to anything related with promiscuous and contentious practices.
This research project puts together creative practices with Information and Library Sciences. The research explores the value and potential of the Dj creative model to interact with information, collections and digital files.
The protocol document for interdisciplinary research aims to provide useful references and guidelines for institutions, funding bodies, individual researchers and interdisciplinary research groups. The document takes into account a wide number of experiences and visions on interdisciplinary work. It is an open document under ongoing reviewing and discussion.
Based on the research carried out by molecular biologist Dean Hamer about the genetic predisposition of the human spirituality, the project reflects critically about the links among media, science and religion.